Who We Are

Chartered in 1975, the Friends of the Musser Public Library is a 501c3 non-profit organization with a volunteer board consisting of book lovers and supporters of the library.

The Friends of the Musser Public Library supports the goals and programs of the library by  providing funding and services that are needed. We cheer on the great staff, volunteer our help on projects, and raise funding for programming and educational events. Most notably, for many years we have been the largest donor to the Summer Reading Program.

Friends membership is open to everyone. Our shared belief in the importance of books and libraries is what binds us together, and we welcome others who hold dear the concept of community-wide literacy.

Meet the Team

Board Members

Meet the Friends of the Library Board Members!

photo Xiaowen Guo

Xiaowen Guo, President

Xiaowen Guo joined the Friends of Musser Public Library in August 2020, advocating for the organization’s re-emergence before it was made official in December of that year. She works for Kent Corporation in the legal department although she is a chemist by training. Xiaowen is a passionate advocate for education and science. Reading is important in her life as she believes “a reader lives a thousand lives before (s)he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.”  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family. Her dream is to travel more, try different foods, and visit more museums and farmer’s markets around the world. 

photo Pat Grimm

Pat Grimm, Vice President

Pat Grimm is an avid reader of mysteries, history, and biography and has been coming to the library since he was a child. He and his wife, Pam, have seven children and nine grandchildren. When he retired from Muscatine Power and Water after serving for 34 years, Pat  was introduced to Friends by his good friend and neighbor, JoAnn Carlson.

Joann Carlson photo

JoAnn Carlson, Secretary

Joann Carlson has many years of service with the Musser Public Library. Currently, she is a library assistant, which has her working in the archives and delivering materials to patrons who request home service. She has served with the Friends of MPL Board since its reinstatement in 2020. Joann wants to tell everyone about how wonderful the Friends group is for its support of library programming. She welcomes questions and new Friends members.

Greg Benefiel photo

Greg Benefiel, Treasurer

Greg Benefiel is the office manager for the Musser Public Library. He has worked for the library for more than 39 years and has been a member of the Friends of MPL since it was reestablished in 2020. Developing strong relationships is the foundation of everything Greg does, professionally and personally. Among his goals for the Friends of Musser Public Library are building a membership of citizens who support the library, encouraging the use of library services, emphasizing the library’s value in our community, expanding library resources through fundraising, and sponsoring programs and cultural activities for all ages. Outside of work, he enjoys listening to music, going to concerts, reading music biographies and enjoying a Netflix binge. Greg currently lives in Muscatine with his wife and their pets.

photo Kathy Kuhl

Kathy Kuhl, Marketing Chair

Kathy Kuhl is a new member of the Friends board and employee of Musser Public Library, joining both in early 2022 to help with communication and promotions. She has always loved libraries, from her early days competing with siblings for most summer books read to meeting Betty Collins and Julie Lear with her two daughters upon moving to Muscatine in 2010. She is an avid environmentalist and enjoys walks with friends, cooking and live music.

Bobby Fiedler

Robert Fiedler, Board Member

Robert Fiedler is the current library director at Musser Public Library. Born and raised in Muscatine, he has worked in libraries for more than 21 years and has been at Musser since 2006. In addition to building a smoothly running library, he is interested in the intersection of community, innovation, self-directed education, and shared history. He tries to bring a positive outlook to each situation he encounters, and he enjoys developing solutions to every challenge he faces. In Robert’s free time he takes joy in woodworking and hiking up (and hopefully back down) mountains.

Our History

See below a list of the Friends of the Musser Public Library Charter Members in 1975!

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Hansen
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Rohrer
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Quirk
Mr. & Mrs. R. Howard Worst
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Reusswig
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Lothringer
Mr. & Mrs. Chester W. Axel
Paul D. Scheibelhut
Cynthia K. Scheibelhut
James & Connie Brown
Mr. & Mrs. David Q. Porter
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Satterthwaite
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. McCarthy
Dona M. Pearce
Robert B. Jehring
Mary Rex
Karen and John Beasley
Mr. & Mrs. William Jansen
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Stafford
Vera Rehwaldt
Mrs. Harry Christofferson
Mr. & Mrs. Fred O. Lambert
Mrs. Marilyn Johnson
Barbara & Harvey Woodstra
Angeline & Robert McKinley
Richard & Barbara Bublitz
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. Brown
Mr. & Mrs. William Cory
Mr. & Mrs. Mark L. Hopkins
Hedy and Roy Neumann
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Rada
Tim and Margaret Larson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Koll
William C. Assell
Gil Dietz
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest House
Mr. & Mrs.Frank Allen
Dr. & Mrs. Donald Fick
Jill Ann Fick
Jeanne Morgan


Mrs. Jimmie June Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Veerhusen
L.M. Minich
Mr. & Mrs. Gary A. Fisher
Howard A. Healey
Barbara Snyder
Modupe Labode
Ano Labode
Moyo Labode
Bode & Evelyn Labode
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard J. Aull
Larry & Marlene Willey
Gerald D. Walter
Mr. & Mrs. Otto Sheller
Mr. & Mrs. Werner Diercks
Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Meyers
Roger W. Roth
Mr. & Mrs. B.J. Gulliver
JoAnn Barnhart
Mary & Octavio Tyida
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Dairdge
Susan Lorimo
Mr. & Mrs. James Mong
Mr. & Mrs. Joe J. VanNice
Mr. & Mrs. James L. Prouty
Richard & Alice Witter
Mr. & Mrs. Duane Goedken
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Miller
Mrs. K.L. McColm
Janis Minford
Mr. & Mrs. David Stanley
Beth Stanley
Nathan Stanley
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Fikes
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Drake
Mr. & Mrs. Otto Nealson
Miss Barbara J. Shoemaker
Jimmie Sue Fromer
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Kreykes
Mr. & Mrs. James Kaeding
Mr. & Mrs. George E. Harvey
Mr. & Mrs. William Lindsey
Mrs. O.E. Schauland
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Callaghan


Mr. & Mrs. Jerry W. Lorimor
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Rehwaldt
Iva Black
Mr. & Mrs E.H. Siering
John W. Axel
Andy Axel
Dr. & Mrs. R. Bruce Huston
Mrs. James William White
James William White
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Nepple
John J. Witmer
Susan Koehrsen
Joni Axel
Mr. & Mrs. Harker Collins
Mr. & Mrs. Jack M. Smith
Lynn & Sally Stiles
Sheila Chaudoin
Ken Chatfield
Mary Jo & Dick Stanley
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Baer
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Krieger
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Lange
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Killian
Mr. & Mrs. James Tracy
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Hayes
Jeordono Martinez
Janet Barry
Ruth D. Ashton
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. James Pallischeck
Peggy Pallischeck
Debbie Pallischeck
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne SAterrett
Mr. & Mrs. John Peterschmidt
Mr. & Mrs. Harold R. McConnaha
David and Marilyn Brown
Joyce E. Lindow
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Reifert
Scott Reifert
Susan Reifert
Rosalie Huscko
Mr. & Mrs. Loran Walch



Past Contributions

Friends of Musser Public Library has been making a difference for many years, and hopes to continue that tradition for years to come.

With CBI Bank & Trust, the Friends of Musser Public Library has proudly cosponsored MPL’s children’s summer reading program events for many years.

Helped pay for new AWE computers in the Children’s Department. These computers offer games and reading challenges without any internet access.

FMPL provided funding for the library’s roof camera and its installation. The group has also contributed to Channel 5's operating costs. 

Funded LENA (Language ENvironmental Analysis) Conference attendance in 2017 for library staff to lead the local program. LENA’s mission is “to boost school readiness and improve child outcomes through early talk.”

Through our sales of Oscar Grossheim photography calendars, we have promoted an appreciation and knowledge of local heritage

Donated funds for bookshelves by Second Street entrance, where we keep a collection of items for sale that benefit the Friends organization.